Randy Barnett Ministries
Covenant Partnership
  Partnership is a dynamic Kingdom principle. God is raising up special people who partner with us, we call them our
Covenant Partners. Our Covenant Partners share in the anointing and in the blessings of God in their personal lives
because of their partnership with us. When you join your hearts with ours in a concerted effort to carry out the plan of
God and His mission for this ministry, you enter into the wonderful benefits that come from God because of our
faithfulness to His calling.

 Randy Barnett Ministries has been producing mighty men and women of God since 1981. Each time one of them fulfills
the plan of God this ministry is credited in heaven with that success and that means you our Covenant Partner is credited
with that success as well. When sinners are saved, it goes to your account. When prisoners are set free, it goes to your
account. When a new church is planted or a school is raised up that impacts the lives of hundreds of people for Jesus, it
goes to your account. All that we are doing in many nations becomes a reason for God to bless you! This happens
because of your partnership.

 Prayerfully consider becoming a Covenant Partner with us. As you pray for us regularly and as you help financially,
our ability to advance the Kingdom of God is enhanced. Together we can do so much more. Whether your monthly gift
is $5.00 or $5000.00, it is welcomed and appreciated. Because we primarily operate in developing nations your gifts can do
so much! So, act now! Become a Covenant Partner and help us preach the Gospel and build the Body of Christ around
the world.